Introducing our new Sprinter Class

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You may now reserve chauffeured sprinter vans seating up to 12 people with Nebordiesnew Sprinter Class, whether your precious cargo is your team traveling to a corporate event, a group of Disney-loving children in need of an airport shuttle, or extra luggage after a successful shopping excursion.

Sprinter vans for your every need

From point A to point B? No issue, reserve a one-way trip. How about a full day? You can also make hourly reservations.

Additionally, if you give us enough advance notice, we’ll be pleased to accommodate free of charge additional requirements like child seats or the removal of the back row of seats to create place for more luggage in the “Notes for the driver” box.

Introducing our new Sprinter Class

Introducing our new Sprinter Class
Introducing our new Sprinter Class

Today, at the 2022 Work Truck Week, Mercedes-Benz Vans introduced the new all-wheel drive (AWD) system and 4-Cylinder Sprinter diesel and gas lineup that will be available for the U.S. market early next year.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is transitioning to a fully 4-cylinder lineup for gasoline and diesel engines for model year 2023, creating a more efficient portfolio. The new OM654 engine achieves smoother acceleration, higher torque values, decreased emissions and lower noise and vibration levels. It will be available in two power output ratings: 125kW (168 hp) and 155kW (208 hp), providing a more capable engine compared to its predecessors. The combination of aluminum block and steel pistons, the stepped recess combustion process as well as the NANOSLIDE® cylinder coating for reduced in-engine friction, together with the dynamic multi- way exhaust gas recirculation and the near-engine exhaust gas after treatment, also facilitates lower consumption and low emissions. Due to its position, the exhaust gas after treatment works with little heat loss resulting in a more efficient operation.

Mercedes-Benz Vans will also be transitioning over to a new 9G-TRONIC transmission (9-speed), now equipped as standard for all variants. The 9G-TRONIC transmission provides customers with increased driving comfort, reduction in fuel consumption, decreased noise levels, lower emissions, higher overall gear ratio and quicker downshifts allowing for agile acceleration. Compared to the previous 7G-TRONIC transmission offering, the 9G-TRONIC offers an increased first gear ratio resulting in a quicker take-off, more gears, and a greater ratio spread leading to an overall improved performance.

The new Sprinter all-wheel-drive (AWD) replaces the previous 4×4 system, providing more power, endurance and overall seamless transition for the customer, allowing them to take on any terrain with ease. With the AWD, customers experience automatic torque on demand with up to 50% split per axle, unlike the previous engageable system, which provided 35 percent of torque to the front and 65 percent to the rear axle when in 4×4 mode. The new Sprinter AWD system also maintains capabilities offered by its predecessor in terms of ground clearance, approach angle, departure angle and breakover angle – providing Mercedes-Benz Sprinter customers with high-levels of quality and capability expected from Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter continues to raise the bar within the commercial vehicle segment, offering a streamlined packaging structure and improved features to fit a variety of customers – from everyday drivers, parcel delivery, construction workers, various upfit customers and everyone in-between. The new 2023 Sprinter will provide the comfort, power and off-road capabilities needed to take on any project ahead.

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